Learn more about the impact of delivering Qualifications from SLQ Sports Leaders with Skills Tracker – our easy-to-use, online tool that helps Centres quantify the progression of learners’ confidence in their skills.

Measure and monitor the impact of skills development on young people’s confidence

Skills Tracker is our new online application that helps Centres to measure and monitor the impact of delivering our Qualifications on young people’s confidence in their skills. As learners progress through their course, they reflect on their confidence in the five key skills which make up our Skills Framework to show their progress over time with these reflections collected and reported via a single dashboard for Centre staff.

Take a look at our demo video of Skills Tracker to find out more

Complementing the existing resources and tools available to Centres, Skills Tracker provides a visual and demonstrable method for evaluating learners’ progress, providing insight that can influence delivery and support assessment of both learners and Centres.

Learners aged 13 and above, Tutors and Centre Course Managers (CCMs) all have individual access to the areas of Skills Tracker which affect them, accessing it via a standard internet browser. Learners provide their reflections on their confidence while Tutors and CCMs have the ability to monitor these reflections and measure their impact via a dedicated dashboard.

At the start of their course, learners are encouraged to reflect on their confidence in five key skills (communication, teamwork, problem solving, self-belief and self-management), using a sliding scale from 0-100, along with further comments to explain their reflection. As they progress through their course, adding further reflections helps Centres to track progress or regression and act accordingly.

Skills Tracker is available to all registered Qualification Centres, initially limited to 200 Centres. To access Skills Tracker, find out more here.

What are the key benefits of Skills Tracker?

  • An easy-to-use, web-based application means it can be used on computers, tablets or smartphones with minimal administration for Learners, Tutors or Centre Course Managers
  • Provides a tangible solution for demonstrating and evidencing the impact of courses on young people’s confidence in their skills
  • Facilitates better monitoring of learners’ progress and potential opportunities for intervention
  • Keep a closer eye on how learners are adapting to education environments re-integrating with their communities post-pandemic
  • Creates opportunities to learners to reflect on their own abilities and development, acting as a reminder of their progress and reinforce their achievements
  • Analytic suite for managing data – providing insight, comparison and supporting feedback from learners
  • Impact data can be exported to pdf document for presentation to colleagues, stakeholders and inspectors
  • Complements existing resources and materials (such as LERs) to create a full picture of learners’ progress
  • No need to download additional software – utilises readily available web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chrome

Skills Tracker is available now to existing Qualification Centres delivering courses for the 2021/22 academic year. Initially, availability is limited to 200 Centres.


If you have any queries about Skills Tracker or delivering qualifications from SLQ Sports Leaders, get in touch with our Development Team via email at talk@slqskills.org.

Gain invaluable insight into your learners’ progression by collecting their reflections on their confidence in five essential skills using our easy-to-use, online application, Skills Tracker.

Take a look at the following resources to learn more and access Skills Tracker.

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