Our qualifications are developed against a leadership and employability skill framework based on five key employability skills.

  • Communication
  • Self-Belief
  • Teamwork
  • Self-Management
  • Problem-solving

These skills were identified by Youth Employment UK in its Employability Skills Review to consolidate 18 separate skills frameworks and 86 reports.

We have adopted these Youth Employment UK employability skills and have identified the behaviours, attributes and skills developed via our awards and qualifications that contribute towards  achieving these characteristics.

How we put this into practice...

SLQ effectively applied across three-pillars of learning: Practically applied Learning; Volunteering; and becoming role models and micro-influencers in their community.

Practically applied learning 

While we can promote these behaviours in a number of ways, we believe in practically applied learning. In other words, we ask young people to learn by doing. Having fun. Making mistakes. Building confidence, experience and networks which we believe are crucial to the employability of young people.

Volunteering in the community

73% of young people completing their qualification believe it supported them in finding their first job.
— IVR, 2015

By volunteering, young people are given the opportunity to apply their skill-development with the ultimate aim of recognising their potential and gaining valuable experience that will support their employability and social mobility.

Peer-to-peer delivery

We want to achieve true generational behaviour change, equipping young people with the skills they need for the future.

We not only want them to grow individually, but we want them to inspire others to achieve i by becoming local role-models, or micro-influencers (read our blog post) as we like to call them through peer-to-peer delivery.

We take our unique approach and expertise and apply it to your projects and organisation. If this has peaked your interest. Please do get in touch.