SLQ - Supporting Partnership and Innovation

We are delighted to be launching SLQ today!

Through various incarnations, as an organisation we have been supporting the development of leadership and employability skills in young people for over 30 years, reaching well in excess of 2 million individuals during that time.

SLQ is born out of sports-based leadership ( and volunteering and continue to do so.

A major part of our success, and the impact we continue to have, is down to the simple fact that the thousands of teachers and tutors who have delivered our courses do so by empowering their learners. 

I regularly talk about our three pillars of delivery; practically applied learning, volunteering, peer to peer delivery.

These pillars are almost inherent to the sport and physical activity world and where people are encouraged to give things a go, given positions of responsibility and then supported in adapting, developing and improving their skill and own style.

Fundamentally, we believe it is responsibility, experience, and practice that develops behaviours but these opportunities are increasingly lacking for young people.

So our aim is simple, we believe every young person should have the opportunity to realise their potential.

So we are utilising our expertise and through SLQ identifying ways to increase opportunities for leadership and employability skill development and support recognising and rewarding these skills in young people.

SLQ fundamentally underpins our plans to achieve our aim.

SLQ will support partnerships where we will collaborate with other organisations to develop behavioural skill development in young people as well as helping us create innovative new awards and qualifications outside to compliment our traditional sport and activity field.

SLQ will act as the awarding organisation for our sports leadership programme as well as our leadership skills programme, social action award and our work with partners.

SLQ simply provides us with greater flexibility to adapt to the current and future needs of partners and learners and we are excited by these opportunities.

We hope the new website will provide you with the information you need to work with us but if you want to know more, don't hesitate to get in contact.

Richard Norman, Chief Executive