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By a Centre Course Manager agreeing to the Terms and Conditions this is a legal agreement between the Centre and SLQ. The Centre must abide by all the Terms and Conditions from agreement until either termination by SLQ or the Centre withdrawing from the agreement in accordance with the withdrawal policy.

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To ensure that a Centre is withdrawn correctly SLQ will be required to carry out a final Quality Assurance Review. The cost to carry this out and the administration costs are covered by the withdrawal fee. This is common practice with in line other Awarding Organisations. To avoid the following academic year's minimum spend the Centre must notify SLQ by the 1st November.

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As an Awarding Organisation, SLQ carries out an annual self-assessment review. This review at the end of 2015, identified the average cost for SLQ to maintain a Centre. Therefore, we have decided to implement an annual minimum Centre spend in order to cover the costs of servicing Centres. This will ensure that a high level of service is continued with each of our Centres.
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The Centre has from 1st August to the 31st July of the following year to ensure the minimum spend clause in the Terms and Conditions is met. If a Centre by the 31st July has not met the required spend they will be invoiced the difference in August.
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The maintenance of an Approved Centre Status is when a Centre wishes to remain as an approved Centre for 12 months whilst not being subject to the minimum spend as agreed to in the Terms and Conditions. This may be due to the Centre not having Learners for the next year or a Centre that is delivering the qualifications and awards over a two year period.
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When a Centre wishes to maintain their Approved Centres Status for 12 months the Centre should notify SLQ in writing via submission of completed Maintained Centre form available on our website and email to contact@sportsleaders.org. No other formats will be accepted.

SLQ require 12 weeks’ notice for the maintenance of an Approved Centre Status to be processed, SLQ will confirm receipt of the notification within 5 working days of receiving the email notice.

To avoid the following academic years minimum spend the Centre must notify SLQ by the 1st November.

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Yes, the review is to ensure that all learners, courses and Centre requirements have been met and that there are no activities linking the Centre to SLQ.
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If your Centre wishes to withdraw from delivery of SLQ qualifications but are still currently running a qualification:

Once you have informed us of your withdrawal, you will be required to run the course until the end without disadvantaging the Learner(s) in anyway. Once the Learner(s) have been certificated, the Centre will be put on as inactive status, resources evoked and no more courses are allowed to be applied for.

*Please be aware that if the Centre has had a QA visit within the last 2 years, then a final Quality Assurance review is not necessary and the Centre will be placed as inactive straight away.

*If the Centre has not had a QA visit in the last 2 years and have recently certificated a course then the Centre will require a Quality Assurance review from our Quality Assurance Team who will be in contact to arrange.

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The Withdrawal Policy and fee (plus the minimum spend) does not apply to a Centre if they are just running awards. If the Centre wishes to stop delivery, they should notify SLQ in writing via submission of completed Withdrawal Notification Form available on our website and email to contact@slqskills.org. No other formats will be accepted.

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If your Centre has withdrawn from delivery of SLQ qualifications and awards but now wishes to restart the running of these courses, the Centre is required to go through the new Centre process; complete a Centre Application Form and then the Course Application Form for each course to be delivered via LEAP.

With this, the Centre is required to spend a minimum of £350 annually with SLQ as part of the Terms and Conditions. 

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If a Centre has paid the maintenance fee for an academic year but then decides to deliver qualifications before the end of that academic year (31st July) then the Centre should contact their Customer Service Advisor to request the maintenance fee payment is credited to the Centre's account. 

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