How we work in partnership to meet your needs

SLQ is an accredited Awarding Organisation, regulated across the UK by OFQUAL, Qualifications Wales and CCEA.

We offer a suite of nationally recognised qualifications and awards that develop tutors to equip young people with leadership skills for life.

We support partnership work through a seven stage process to identify where we can add value for partners and how we could work collaboratively.

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We provide quality assured Partner Services using our Awarding Organisation status and expertise.

Our Partner Services look to work with and on behalf of your organisation to enhance your offer through the development of training programmes, curriculums, awards or qualifications.

This work can lead to a range of products and services that integrate into your existing work and programmes to support your delivery. Sports Leaders UK will add credibility and sustainability to your products ensuring that the product meets your requirements and your learner’s needs.

    What our partners can expect:

    • A bespoke product that you can call your own but is underpinned by Sports Leaders UK
    • Over 30 years of leadership and volunteering experience
    • Recognition from a nationally recognised Awarding Organisation
    • Reliable expertise in the development of programmes
    • Increase in the value of training for staff/volunteers
    • A partnership that helps you meet your desired outcomes
    • Accreditation for training and awards you already deliver
    • Quality assurance processes for the product or service
    • Development of recognised regulated qualifications
    • A specialist Partnership Manager and point of contact

    Who we Partner with

    The flexibility of the Partner Services offer means that there are benefits for almost all organisation types, for example:

    • Local Authorities
    • Multi-Academy Trusts
    • Charities
    • National Governing Bodies
    • Representative Bodies
    • Training Providers
    • Education Institutions
    • Professional Bodies
    • Other Awarding Organisations

    Organisations we work with...